Our Mission



  • To develop solidarity and mutual assistance among its members, particularly in the following circumstances: illness, death, loss of extended employment, child birth, graduation, marriage, assistance to newcomers in the State of Washington.
  • To organize cultural activities designed to strengthen the unity and social cohesion among the Congolese living in Washington State.
  • To assist the Congolese newly arrive in the state of Washington to better integrate into the society.
  • To research and identify channels that can help the Congolese achieve legal immigration to the USA.
  • To help its members to access university, technical or vocational education.
  • To identify and to inform its members the opportunities which will enable their integration and development ,both individual and collective.
  • To find sponsors to assist in the implementation of activities in which the COCOSWA has neither expertise nor sufficient means.
  • To promote the development of moral values in the community such as : ethics, fairness, integrity, loyalty, empathy, etc.
  • To promote the Congolese culture in all its diversity.
  • To initiate, encourage and develop entrepreneurship through income generating activities.

Presented to you by the Congolese Community in the State of Washington (la Communaute Congolaise de l’Etat de Washington)

by Bliss Drive Review